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Folsom Renaissance Faire & Jousting  Championships Celebrates 26th Anniversary At Folsom


Renaissance Productions Transforms Folsom Lion’s Park to a Giant Stage, hundreds of street-and-stage performers, tons of vendors bring the magic of a lost age to life


Queens of England, ambassadors from foreign lands and juggling jesters, winsome wenches, lords and ladies, knight of horseback, squires, and simpletons. They aren't just the stuff of fairy tales. They’ll gather September 22-23, 2018  for Folsom’s favorite festival, the 26th annual Folsom Renaissance Faire. Be a part of history and come in costume, or come as you are and immerse yourself in games, theater, and splendid Renaissance marketplace.


Drawing more than 5,000 visitors, the Folsom Renaissance Faire is a unique entertainment experience and an extraordinary outing for children. This unique festival includes real jousting sessions and full armored combat between knights, along with culinary delicacies, craft demonstrations, ancient music, dance and comedy. Patrons will participate in archery, life size Jenga, military demos, dancing and fencing. Activities for the children will include games, crafts, puppet shows and storytelling, not to mention meeting Queen Elizabeth herself. 


The show will feature many famous and well-loved characters from Shakespeare's plays. Master Shakespeare himself will be on-site, yet again in the midst of one of his plays, the Midsummer Night's Dream this time, and looking for inspiration for his upcoming work. Could you be his Titania, Oberon, Lysander or Hermia? Don on an outfit and find out!   


The Folsom Renaissance Faire recreates a renaissance village on festival weekends and includes a marketplace with nearly 80 unique merchants and crafters with amazing wares for sale, from jewelry, to leather corsets, swords, pewter cups, aromatic oils, soaps, wooden hangings and so forth. A scrumptious selection of food and delicious variety of drink will be on sale to satisfy your belly and quench your thirst.  THERE WILL BE TURKEY LEGS!


Imperial Knights will yet again showcase their amazing horsemanship skills in the joust. Imagine, warhorses tossing their heads nervously and stamping the ground at either end of the jousting field. Each holds a hefty 12-foot lance leveled at an opponent across the field. With a signal from the marshal and a roar from the crowd, the horses launch at each other, breaking from a standstill into a full stride within seconds.  As they converge with a thunder of hooves and a blur of color, the knights grip their lances tightly and brace for the impact. It comes with a loud splintering of wood and a massive shock to the chest. And the crowd goes wild.   


"Folsom’s Lion Park is the perfect backdrop for this amazing faire. If you have never had the opportunity to go to a Renaissance Faire, Folsom Renaissance Faire is something to experience,” Marti Miernik, CEO of Renaissance Productions said. “The faire will be entertaining from the moment you step into the park. We have prepared something very special to celebrate the 21st anniversary of this faire.”


Folsom Renaissance Faire

WHEN:  September 28-29

WHERE: Folsom Lion’s Park, Folsom, CA


COST: Adult $16, $11 for seniors, military, ages 13-17, $8 for children 6-12 Under 6 no charge.


FEATURES include:

  • Come as you are or dress as a princess, knight, or pirate

  • Enjoy a wide variety of activities for kids.

  • Experience more than 40 hours of live entertainment daily on three stages

  • Explore the largest selection or Renaissance-themed crafters in Folsom.

  • Feast upon a savory assortment of exotic food & drink fit for a king and queen.

  • Interact with one of the largest stage & street casts.

  • Witness amazing jousting battles and combat like it was done by knights over 400 years ago.


FOR MORE INFO: please visit


Folsom Renaissance Faire Press Release

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