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If you love Renaissance Faires, this full-scale, interactive experience is not to be missed. Folsom Renaissance Faire offers you a chance to visit the days of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. Lose yourself in the magic and merriment of the Renaissance. Rub elbows with nobility, beautiful ladies, and Knights.  800 costumed performers will bring Shakespeare’s England to life with parades, pageants, and fun townsfolk, offering continuous entertainment of spectacular variety spread throughout the village. You’ll enjoy musicians, jugglers, and the ribaldry of actors drawing you even deeper into the Renaissance.

The rising young star of London's theater scene, Will Shakespeare, faces a scourge like no other: a paralyzing bout of writer's block while the great Elizabethan age of entertainment unfolds around him. Will is without inspiration on the material. What Will needs is a muse and in an extraordinary town whilst on progress with Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, he finds himself surrounded by numerous quirky characters who draw him into an amazing, dramatic adventure of action and love. Their stories make their way into his plays and into our hearts. The theme of the Faire is Shakespeare's Muse. The Festival will be the ultimate Renaissance bash, a lively Dionysian party, where the guests enjoy turkey legs, exotic food, and drink as they banter with the myriad performers filling the streets. The event sports one-of-a-kind shows, music, and comedy.

Folsom Renaissance Faire - WEST COAST EXCLUSIVE! 

Enjoy the thrills and spills of authentic jousting - This is not a show, but a thrilling battle for glory, purse, and bragging rights! Riders from the USA, Europe, and Canada, all champions in their own right will face the list and each other, exchange hard hits on horseback to see who is the ultimate champion. 

This one-of-a-kind spectacle is not to be missed. 



This year's Folsom Renaissance Faire will feature three stages of continuous entertainment, action-packed shows, music, dancing, jesters,  Shakespearean vignettes, expertly staged battles, storytelling for children and adults, archery, and much more. See brave and bold knights competing for the favor of the Her Majesty’s Court and for their lady’s affection during full-contact jousts held in the Queen’s Tiltyard each day!

Close to 80 merchants selling a wide array of arts and crafts, one-of-a-kind jewelry items, woodcrafts, artwork, ceramics, clothing, historic weapons, and leather goods. Whether you thirst for a delicious drink or ALE or hunger for a Turkey leg WE will satisfy your taste buds with a wonderful variety of food and drink!!!

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