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Knights of Mayhem Coming to Folsom

For some, the sport of jousting is a real-life passion and thrives outside of the movies and Renaissance fairs.

Lead by Charlie Andrews, the world champion of full contact heavy armor jousting, the “Knights of Mayhem,” is dedicated to transforming this medieval sport from a staged act to a professional sports phenomenon that is sweeping the globe. For these “knights,” jousting is no dinner show. Donning 130 pounds of steel armor, they mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds up to 30-mph, while peering through a quarter-inch eye slot in their helmets.

When lance and knight collide, riders struggle to control their horses and absorb devastating impacts with potential for concussions, broken bones and far worse.

Charlie and his group have garnered acclaim recently as they were featured on the Knights of Mayhem reality show that aired on the National Geographic Channel. Experience in person what makes these guys such amazing athletes and personalities and join in the fun at the San Jose Renaissance faire.

A SHOW NOT TO BE MISSED - click here to see why!


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