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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Faire

1. Family Friendly Event Renaissance Fairs welcome kids of all ages. Rides and performances are offered to entertain any and all age groups. From face painting to carnival rides to the beer garden, these festivals do their best to keep everybody happy. Compared to spending a day at an amusement park, Renaissance Festivals are often much cheaper for a family fun day. Save money and have fun!

2. Stage Theater Performances A great treat when visiting Renaissance Festivals is being able to see trained actors play medieval and Shakespearean plays for little cost. Most of the time the stage performances are a part of general admission into the faire.

3. Artisan Crafts and Demonstrations Renaissance Festivals offer a chance for attendees to see how everyday items were made in medieval times. Most Ren Fairs include a blacksmith, jewelry makers, pottery sculptors, basket weavers and other artisans of the time. Buy their goods and be assured that you have a one-of-a-kind item!

4. Food! Renaissance Faires are known for their food. Finger foods, even things that normally would not be considered finger food, are the hot commodity. Scotch Eggs and giant turkey legs are a couple popular delicacies. Wash them down with a mug of (root) beer and your day is complete!

5. Dress the Renaissance Part For a few hours, patrons can dress and act as if they were living during the Renaissance time. Throw out as many Huzzahs and Ye Oldes as you can. Check your local Festivals themes. Many have pet-themed days where they encourage pets and their owners to dress up in medieval costumes.

6. Street Performers Hit the Grounds Not only will patrons see trained actors on stages, but also performers who volunteer their efforts. Musicians and magicians entertain the masses while wondering around the fairgrounds. The performers who mingle amongst the patrons often hassle and joke with the crowds. Their insults and mockery should be taken lightly as they are only there to entertain. Throw some lighthearted insults back and you may make a friend for life.

7. Jousting Tournaments and Knight Battles Watch as knights fight for the King and Queens favor during battles of whit and might. Jousting tournaments add exceptional amounts of entertainment to the festivals. These battles of the fittest have kept crowds entertained for years.

8. Medieval Museums Add a little education into your day at the Renaissance Faire! Some festivals feature museums which display pieces of everyday life from the Renaissance period. Items are offered for sale so patrons can take a bit of the Renaissance life back home with them.

9. Rides and Games Renaissance Festivals offer the chance for people to ride elephants and test their ax-throwing abilities. Games and rides found at Renaissance Faires are not typical of most carnivals as they are usually not electric powered. Test your accuracy with a bow and arrow or a tomato. Renaissance Festivals offer a fresh change to the clanging and singing of usual fair rides and attractions.

10. Lasting Memories Whether you have attended one Renaissance Festival in your lifetime or many, chances are the memory has lasted. These faires are unique and wonderfully entertaining. The people who work them truly love what they are doing. Their main priority is to make sure all patrons are having fun.

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